Iron Filtration Systems

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What is iron?


If your home uses a well, you may be familiar with the rotten egg smell, rust-colored staining, and the earthy taste that comes along with your water–but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Although iron is not harmful to human health, many people dislike the smell and taste of it in their water. However, when it is combined with water, oxygen, and an electrolyte, the element turns into a destructive compound called rust (or iron oxide). Rust eats away at steel and metals, leaving you with ruined pipes and appliances.

  • Red/brown or yellow staining on bathtubs, sinks, laundry and dishes
  • Unpleasant taste and odor in prepared food, coffee and tea
  • Clogs in dishwashers, sprinklers, washing machines, and other appliances
  • Corrosion of steel piping and other metal appliances


What is iron filtration?

So, how do you get iron out of your water? Products like rust-inhibitor salt pellets can prevent iron buildup from forming inside your brine tank, but the only way to effectively remove iron from your water is with an iron filter.

Iron filtration (a.k.a. “oxidation filtration”) is a process where oxygen is added to the dissolved iron and manganese particles in your water. After oxidation takes place, the dissolved particles become insoluble compounds—meaning they can no longer dissolve or absorb waterat which point they can be filtered out.


Which iron filtration system should I  choose?

Peterson Salt offers both Standard Backwash filters and Air Injection Oxidizing filters.

Contact us to find the system that is best for you and start enjoying the benefits!