Water droplets - Get Residential and Commercial Water Softeners from Peterson Salt

Water Softeners

Peterson Salt offers residential and commercial water softeners as well as repair and free hard water testing.

Peterson Salt’s Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

We currently offer three commercial water softeners. Click on learn more below to get detailed descriptions of each of our water softening systems.

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Peterson Salt’s Residential Water Softeners

Residential Water Softeners

All of our water softeners are metered, on-demand systems that regenerate based on your actual water usage — ultimately saving you money on salt and water costs.

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Dishes being washed - Soft water benefits

Soft Water Benefits

Soft water offers a variety of benefits to the consumer from saving money to cooking to your water heater.

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Our online ordering system is fast, easy, and convenient. Place an order online and let Peterson Salt solve your salt needs today.

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Delivering anywhere within an hour of our Hopkins location, our friendly team of delivery drivers carry your salt into your home, and install it into your water softener tank for you. Our drivers work hard to provide quick, easy salt delivery service to all of our customers.

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