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RO Filter Changes

Peterson Salt's Reverse Osmosis Filters

Have Your Filters Changed by our Minneapolis-St. Paul Water Filtration Professionals

If you have a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system in your home, we recommend that the filters be changed at least once every 10-12 months. Having your RO system serviced annually ensures that your membrane is still in good condition and that your system is still sanitized and effectively removing sediments and contaminants that add color or odor to your water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis filters provide screening, which traps the contaminants in the water as it flows through the filter. The specific type of filter required depends on the problem and the degree of its severity. If the contaminated particles are sufficiently large, the filter merely traps them. In other cases, a chemical reaction may first be necessary in order to make the particles of sufficient density to permit their collection on the screen.

RO filter change

Guess which one is past due for a filter change…

Sediment/Carbon Prefilter

  • Protects the automatic shut-off and membrane from clogging with debris
  • Filters out chlorine

Activated Carbon Filter

  • Water flows through slowly to achieved prolonged contact with the filter
  • Specialized carbon

Carbon Post Filter

  • Removes any remaining tastes and odors
  • Imparts the final polish to your water

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For your convenience, our experienced technicians can visit your home to change your filters quickly and easily. If you prefer to install the filters yourself, we can deliver the filters to your home with your next water softener salt delivery. Reverse Osmosis manufacturers we service include systems by Hydrotech, Aquaflow, Nimbus, and more.

We can even track your RO system’s maintenance schedule so when your filters have reached the 10-12 month limit, we can call to let you know!



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