iceaway max green sidewalk salt

Ice Melt

IceAway Max Green: 100% Magnesium

  • iceaway max green sidewalk salt

Key Features

  • Melts to -15 degrees F
  • 50 bags per pallet
  • Available in 50 pound bags
  • Eligible for multi-property discounts

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Product Description

Lower toxicity levels make IceAway Max Green the go-to pick for customers looking to minimize damaging chemical runoff. With a third fewer chlorides than other ice melts, IceAway Max Green is a safer choice for people, pets and the environment. When used as directed, this ice melt will leave behind a clean surface, unlike other products that can leave an oily residue. (NOTE: This popular magnesium deicer was formerly known as FreezGard)


  • Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards (Safer Choice partner since 2009)
  • Gentle on new concrete and less corrosive on steel
  • Safer choice for pets and the environment

**Limited supply available**

IceAway MAX Green

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