salt mounds for making water softener salt

Salt Products

Peterson Salt offers a variety of salt products including water softener salt, ice melt, and pool salt.

Water Softener Salt Products from Peterson Salt

Water Softener Salt

Soft water improves cleaning efficiency up to 250 percent – saves on soaps and detergents and significantly improves the appearance of fabrics. The type of salt you should use depends on what type of softener you have and your source of water.

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Ice Melt Products from Peterson Salt

Ice Melt

Peterson Salt and Water Treatment wants you to be prepared to battle those slick sidewalks and icy parking lots with our selection of quality ice melt products. Our ice melts are safe, fast-working, and affordable. Ask about our pet and environmentally friendly products.

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Pool Salt Products from Peterson Salt

Pool Salt

Salt water chlorinators are the newest trend in treating your pool’s water. These chlorine generators use an electric current to turn salt water into chlorinated water. The benefit to using a pool salt as opposed to traditional chlorine is that a salt-water pool will have “softer” water and will require fewer chemical treatments.

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Delivering anywhere within an hour of our Hopkins location, our friendly team of delivery drivers carry your salt into your home, and install it into your water softener tank for you. Our drivers work hard to provide quick, easy salt delivery service to all of our customers.

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